Why now?

Hey there, happy to have you here!


I'm Andrea, curious by nature and trying to focus on the now.

Everything I love is somehow connected to movement and mobility.

I'm a passionate runner and sportsenthusiast, oceanlover and surfingfan,

geographer and traveler, former rail traffic manager and in big change process now.


One of the most important development steps in my life was the journey I started a few months ago, when I decided to reconnect me with my inner self, my heart, my dreams, my soul - everything that I somehow had lost in all the years of hard work, hurrying to make a fast successful classical carreer, by struggeling with all that had happened in the past, by judgeing me with all the mistakes that I have made. 


So I went on a journey that is still going on, but now I am recognizing that everything that was holding me back to unleash my true inner power and potential was to slow a bit down, breath and just be again. 

And the more I started to BE again I found a way back to the NOW. To be HERE, right NOW, right in this moment, you start to feel that everything you need is already within you.  What I really needed to do was to ask myself the one important question.

What is my purpose in life, what is my why?


So hopefully I can inspire and support you to get to your WHY. Let's get it started - now.