There are thousand and one reasons to take Udacity's Digital Marketing Nanodegree (DMND) Program - here is my why

There are some things in life, you can not hide from, like the beauty and moods of nature. It surrounds us day and night, even if we are sometimes falling blind hurrying around not recognizing anything, it is there.


With Digital Marketing it is almost the same, as we live in times, where about 5 billion mobilephone connections exist with a total population of about 7.6 billion humans worldwide. At least for all those of us who have access to the internet, digital marketing accompanies you, if you like it or not.


So to me as a Millennial - yes, I belong to that first generation of digital natives that know both worlds, having an early childhood without all those mobile devices and then from the teenage years on seeing the ultrafast speed growth of the digital era – social media, mobile marketing, the internet of things, this all feels somehow familiar.


Though grewing up in a country with a lot of sceptics considering data security issues seeing more risks then chances, I always thought I was well informed and at the front of using the new technologies. Of course I made some mistakes and had to learn some important lessons, but since I started diving deeper into the possibilities of the worldwideweb, to me it opened up a whole lot of chances. You can connect, cooperate, find, reach, influence, make a difference and all of that is remote – no need to be at a specific place, which probably is the most amazing benefit of all the thousand ones I can identify. How can anybody not want to understand what is going on there?


But within the past three years focusing on my job following that carreer path I suddenly realized that I had lost track to truly follow and understand how all this marketing opportunities really work. Knowing that this will be a massive integral part of the future world, I wanted to get an insight and a deep 360-degree understanding of the whole digital marketing spectrum, in a short time. Learning from the best, the leading market players is always a good idea. Especially when the curriculum forces you to get up and take action, because that’s when you learn the most and develop further.



I was thinking about starting my own blog for many months – and guess what? Now that I am in the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program, it became reality. As I had to write a blog post, I now finally started the blog. First success feeling for me, yay. So if you ask me, what’s my main reason to join this program I would say – for you can not control the waves, it is better to learn how to surf. Better to understand how the things that surround you on a daily basis are working out, then to get influenced and maybe don’t even recognize it. So I decided to get myself prepared and jump right into that ocean of possibilities. 

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